From the moment our experienced residential house cleaners enter your home, the results of
satisfaction YOU, the client are our # 1 priority.  Unlike other cleaning companies, we do not
work on commission and do not pay our employees to hurry through the job.  It takes time
cleaning all the areas of your home, plus little extras, each appointment to make your home
the place you want to return to at the end of your day.  We boast about our housecleaning
department because we can.  We do not have a continual employee turnover which means you
will have the same person in your home each visit.  You can feel safe and secure knowing
different people are not in your home each visit.  Many of our clients, we have had for over
20 years and some, believe it or not, have had no price increase!  We are conscientious about
what products we should and should not use in your home.  We even go to the extremes
requesting we use your vacuum if you have animal so as not to bring any unwanted hairs, etc.
to our next client's home who may have allergies.  Your first gift from us when you become
our client is your own toilet brush!  We use harmless, environmentally safe, brand name
cleaning products and will use specific products upon request.  Below are some of the services
we can offer.  We are boned and insured and I sincerely think that if you are looking for an
honest, trustworthy and dependable cleaning service with a sensible rates, then you should
consider, Dun-Rite Cleaning, "Where the Personnel Touch Counts."
Monthly, Biweekly, Weekly Services
Spring Cleanup, One Time Cleaning Service, Holiday Specials
Ironing, Laundry, Rug Shampooing, Floor Waxing, Window Washing, Blind Cleaning
Gift certificates also available
Dun-Rite Cleaning is woman owned and operated